IPO Process


1. Our valued Investor can collect and submit IPO Application Form with necessary particulars and signature from our Head Office and Branches.

2. Our Investors can submit IPO Application if He or She have sufficient matured including service charge in their Trading A/C. The Margin A/C Holders can submit the IPO Application by depositing equivalent amount of Taka in their Trading A/C.

3. The Investors can deposit the required money through Cash Pay Order or Cheque in any branch of our Bank and then please inform us with scan copy of Diposit slip through e-mail.

Our Bank Name and Account No.
(a) Standard Charterd Bank(Motijheel Branch, A/C No: 01612311201)
(b) The City Bank Ltd.(Motijheel Branch, A/C No: 1101067173002)

4. Subject to the payment of BO fees, the Suspended A/C holders (who did not pay the Yearly Renewal fees of BO Account) can submit the IPO Application.

5. Our Investors can submit IPO Application through electronic form i.e. Fax, SMS, E-mail and our Website.

IPO Application Process through FAX: By down loading IPO Application Form from our website or by collecting the same from any of our offices. Then please mention the required particulars with signature in the Form. Then send this Application Form via Fax. Our Fax No. +88-02-9564619. Then The IPO will be completed.

IPO Application Process through SMS: Our valued customers can completed their IPO Process by sending SMS. For that service He or She mention the required particulars like Issue Name, Category(General or Effected), Trading Code. Then send a SMS from He or She mobile number to our mobile number. +8801796102250.

IPO Application Process through E-mail: At first download our IPO Application form our Website and then filled by mentioning particulars in the IPO Application Form and send us.IPO can be completed by sending e-mail to ipo@sarsecltd.com.

IPO Application Process through Website:

1. For Registered Users: IPO Application of the e-Report Registered, they have to login in our website and click IPO Request and submit after selecting the category and Company name.

2. For Unregistered Users: please click to IPO Request in our website and submit the IPO Form after duly filled in.

3. The amount of Unsuccessful Account shall be deposited in the Trading A/C of the A/C Holder and necessary amount can be withdrawn from there.

4. To know whether your IPO Application has been received by our office or not; please visit our website: www.sarsecuritiesltd.com. and have a look to IPO Application related.

5. The list of IPO Applications of our clients as sent to the issuing Company and the list of the successful clients after lottery will be available in the website in accordance with the Trading A/C (Client code).

N.B. The following conditions are applicable for execution of the above mentioned services.

1. It is mandatory to have equivalent matured amount of Taka for IPO Application in your Trading A/C before the IPO closing date.

2. IPO form as filled in and signed in various systems or IPOs sent through SMS, Web, Fax, and E-mail, must reach to our address within the IPO closing date and must mention the Category (General/Affective Small investor)

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